The Grid for iOS 7

September 17, 2013

Here is a set of wallpapers, unapologetically designed for iOS 7 ;) Grab them now for your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The Grid for iOS and Mac
Since iOS 7 doesn’t allow pixel perfect aligned wallpapers (because of the new parallax effect), this new wallpaper is mainly about colors — the subtle grid in the background complements the colors and adds to the elegant look.
Grab ‘em now for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Enjoy :)

The Shelf Wallpaper for iPhone 5

September 24, 2012

After updating my grid wallpaper for the new display of the iPhone 5, I'm glad to announce that an updated version of the Shelf wallpaper is now also available. However it's not just a larger version of the same old wallpaper… I also included three new flavors: washed out, dark and light. Hope you enjoy.

Download Shelf wallpaper
Btw you can find the original Shelf wallpaper right here.

Grid Wallpaper for iPhone 5

September 22, 2012

Hey guys. I just updated my popular grid wallpaper for your brand new iPhone 5. Make sure you grab it while it's hot :)

Download Grid wallpaper for iPhone 5

Portfolio Update

What a week… just a couple of days ago two new apps, I had the honor to work on, were released: the official TouchArcade app and iTranslate Voice.


TouchArcade App IconSince the first days of the App Store TouchArcade has been the website for people that are into iOS gaming. Now you can enjoy daily game news and reviews, or hang out with the community directly on your iPhone or iPod touch. I had a great time working on the app… kudos to the guys over at TouchArcade and Flexibits, who did an awesome job.

iTranslate Voice

iTranslate Voice App IconiTranslate has been one of the most popular translation apps since the very first days of the App Store. Now I had the honor to assist the guys from Sonico Mobile to bring it to an entirely new level with iTranslate Voice – Siri-inspired voice to voice translation for more than 30 languages. Simply talk to you iPhone, and immediately hear yourself in another… perfect if you quickly wanna look up words or start a conversation.


Nice… iTranslate Voice just hit #1 in the App Store. Take that Angry Birds :P

Messages Icon

February 25, 2012

A couple of days ago Apple surprisingly announced the next version of Mac OS, called Mountain Lion. Along with the developer preview they also released a first beta of "Messages", which is basically a combination of iChat, iMessage and FaceTime. Awesome… however in my opinion the app icon kinda lacks the usual Apple style. So here is my take on it.

Those of you following me on Dribbble might have already seen the first preview. I really like the proportions of the icon, so I kept my version as close to the original one as possible and just added a subtle 3D feel to it. Grab it while it’s hot :)

Download Messages Replacement Icon

Btw this icon once again proves Apple’s obsession with the golden ratio: the larger bubble is 1.6x larger than the smaller one. A couple of months ago the Australian designer Alan van Roemburg discovered that the iCloud icon is also infused with some mathematical elegance. I love such details.

The Apple Messages icon makes use of the golden ratio

Bartelme Design 2012

February 20, 2012

Good things come to those who wait… they say. After more than five years I finally found the time to update my website. I know it was way overdue. It's not that I lost interest in my website, it's just that I was really busy working on lots of awesome projects.

One of my main goals was to kinda strip down the sections of the site to an absolute minimum. For sure I wanted to keep the journal, cause that’s what this site was and still is about. On the other hand I also wanted focus more on our actual work and design services.

That’s why I completely redesigned the start page to feature some of my recent projects and the clients I work with. And without giving away too much… I will for sure be able to add some new exciting stuff pretty soon ;)

Bartelme Design 2012 Screenshot

And yeah, I know that there are still some technical and design related hiccups, in particular when you look at older posts. In case you stumble upon some severe problem, please let me know! I’ll keep refining and fixing things over the next couple of days to make it as smooth of an experience as possible.

ColorStreak Wallpaper

October 09, 2011

This wallpaper is dedicated to Steve Jobs, one of the most inspiring persons I've ever known. Without him I would not be where I am right now. Thank you! In this spirit: Stay hungry, stay foolish and enjoy this new wallpaper.

Download ColorStreak Wallpaper
As always the wallpaper is available in hires to fit your beloved 27” displays. Enjoy!

Flow 2 Wallpaper

July 06, 2011

Here is the latest member of the "flow" wallpaper family. Simple. Colorful. Easy on the eyes. Hires, so it looks beautiful on your 27" or 30" displays. Enjoy!

Download Flow 2 Wallpaper

You can either grab the clean Version or the official Bartelme Design version. Enjoy!

Shelf iPhone Wallpaper

Yeah I know, there are already plenty of shelf wallpapers out there… and most of them are really good. However I'm kinda peculiar when it comes to wallpapers and exclusively use my own ones :) I liked how it turned out and thought you may enjoy it as well. So here you go…

Download shelf wallpaper set for iPhone

The set contains two variants: a saturated and a muted one. Each of which is of course optimized for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Download Shelf Wallpaper Set


You can find an updated version for the iPhone 5 right here.

Twitter Replacement Icon

January 20, 2011

I wasn't really happy with the app icon of the latest Twitter app for Mac… so I decided to do a quick a replacement icon. It's available in dark gray and blue. Hope you enjoy.

Download Twitter replacement icon

Concept wise I didn’t really want to reinvent the wheel, rather to spice up the already existing one. In order to replace the icon, just locate the Twitter app in you “Applications” folder. From the context menu choose “Show package contents” and replace the existing icons in “Contents/Resources”. Restart the app and you should be good to go.
Download Replacement Icons

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