Bartelme Design 2012

February 20, 2012

Good things come to those who wait… they say. After more than five years I finally found the time to update my website. I know it was way overdue. It's not that I lost interest in my website, it's just that I was really busy working on lots of awesome projects.

One of my main goals was to kinda strip down the sections of the site to an absolute minimum. For sure I wanted to keep the journal, cause that’s what this site was and still is about. On the other hand I also wanted focus more on our actual work and design services.

That’s why I completely redesigned the start page to feature some of my recent projects and the clients I work with. And without giving away too much… I will for sure be able to add some new exciting stuff pretty soon ;)

Bartelme Design 2012 Screenshot

And yeah, I know that there are still some technical and design related hiccups, in particular when you look at older posts. In case you stumble upon some severe problem, please let me know! I’ll keep refining and fixing things over the next couple of days to make it as smooth of an experience as possible.


Congrats on the relaunch! Always nice to get those huge personal projects off your plate. =) @rossmccord

Ross McCord

I like what I see :) Nice, that you dared to start something completely new.


Congratulations on the re-design! It has been quite a while since the last journal post, so I Kind of forgot what it looked like… Just kidding! I love the change, it looks clean and clear. And I love the way the company logos glow when you rollover them (homepage). Nice effect!


Yeeey! New post! I am a patient person, and indeed good things come to those who wait. This is a big change! Congrats! I must say that I liked the old website, but this one is great too. I can’t wait for new exciting stuff that you are announcing! Bring it on soon!


Oh god! Where did the grass at the bottom of the site go!? I want it back! Nah! Just messing around pretending to be one of those clients scared to change, if you know what I mean. I literally love the new design. I think the previous one was nice, but a bit too dark. I think it would be nice to your readers to be able to see the previous design and compare, so I fetched this web capture with wayback machine, hope you find it a good idea to link it: Keep up the good work and good luck with all your exciting projects!

Spanish Seo

Hi! I like the sidebar! And I like that you got a Google Plus profile, now we can see the face behind all these great designs ;)


It looks more modern. I like it.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Relaunch der Seite! Würde mich riesig freuen, hier wieder mehr neue Inhalte zu lesen.


Thank you guys. Glad you like it. I hope the new design keeps me motivated to post more frequently :)


Very nice layout. I´m glad to see, there´s still some live in here.


This is a unique design and it lets the eye wandering and wondering, great job. Too bad I do not have a budget.


Wolfgang, I like your website very much. Only one point: for me the font size in the blog is a bit too small... But that's just fine tuning ;)


Especially the font size of the comments...


Hi! Great job! I agree with Marcel on the font size thing. The one thing I love is how your comments appear in green and with a nice logo "b" on the right. That is just a delicious touch!


Dein neues Design gefällt mir auch ziemlich gut. Hoffentlich gibt es jetzt wieder öfter von dir zu lesen ... :-) Grüße Willy


Yeah I guess the font size in the comment area was indeed a bit small. I increased it. Better?


Großartig Wolfang! Das neue Design gefällt mir richtig gut.


congrats on this new graphic design:D


Always visit this blog every week if not more - so awesome to see a new fresh theme!!! Will you be releasing the older one for free (not that I'd use it, but I know lots of people would love it!!)

Sam Granger

Also, one thing I really miss is a portfolio page.. Is that in the works?

Sam Granger

The start page is my portfolio. I kinda like the idea of keeping it as simple as possible :) Not many projects… but definitely the most relevant ones.


Oh sh*t das Design ist ja der HAMMER!!! Kann mich nicht erinnern jemald ein besseres Weblog Layout gesehen zu haben. Klasse! Spitze! Super! Ehrlich gesagt bin ich ganz neidisch. Will auch so ein haben. :)

Backup Manager

Wow das sieht echt sehr gelungen aus! Super modern, frische Farben und ziemlich web2.0ig. Glückwunsch dazu! :)


What a great blog


Das ist ja eine wirklich gelungene Seite. Das Design ist mal was ganz anderes. Wolfgang, da ist dir ein guter Wurf gelungen klar und übersichtlich - dabei bunt, aber nicht zu auffällig. Gefällt mir wirklich gut!


So eine schön designte Seite hätte ich auch gern für meinen Verlag in Aue. Leider ist das bisher nur ne Web Visitenkarte. Die hier ist wirklich schön geworden.


A captivating desing, clearly organized and impressive color of the design. I love it, it is a perfect masterpiece.


Das Design ist voll schön. Vor allem die Regenbogenfarben - bunt und dennoch nicht aufdringlich. Herr Bartelme, das ist ein gutes Aushängeschild für Ihr Können als Webdesigner, Kompliment.


The new trend in the designer industry is really adorable. Congratulation for updating unique design of your website. :)

WoW Range

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