Colorsplash Wallpaper

February 15, 2009

Those of you following me on Twitter or Flickr might have already seen a preview of "Colorsplash". Now it's available as a free download. Happy Valentines Day and enjoy your new wallpaper!

Colorsplash comes in two slightly different variants. Enjoy.

Download Colorsplash Wallpaper Set


Wow, great. Echt tolles Wallpaper, die Farben sind fantastisch. Happy VD.


Wow, that's amazing! Off to switch my wallpaper.

Kevin Stauss

Just found my new wallpaper!!!

Bo Bickley

Very nice wallpaper - looks even better than Colorflow!

Gerald Mesaric

OMG I love it ! How do you find the time to do such beautiful stuff ?


Great Wallpaper! i was expecting something more Valentines themed, a pleasant surprise.

Adam Patterson

Wow! For a long time, you where teasing me... Now its revealed.. fantastic.. !

Ben Jacob

Looks beautiful!

Mac Tyler

Great job dude .. and thanks for sharing !

Eduardo Lamblet

Thank you Bartelme, very nice!

Nick Roberts

Tank you, Awesome

Nicolas Cue

Holy crap. That is awesome.

Ben Alpert

Thanks you for this wall, featured on


Wow, it's wonderful! I love it! ;) Thx


Top man - Amazing design. Thank you so so much for the free d.l Love your work and all your great posts. Be well.

Designer sofas

Thank you guys - nice to hear :)


Wow~ This one is even better than last time! Thank you very much.

Leo Degan

sehr schön... mal wieder!

Sebastian Kessler

Wow, very nice wallpaper Wolfgang! Once again :-)

Julian Schrader

Very nice! Going to download this and save it into my collection. Thank you for sharing!


I've just reinstalled Windows Vista and I thought I should visit Bartelme Design and check if there's some new wallpaper. You read my mind, Wolfgang. I think it's time for some sort of a peaceful wallpaper, less of an eye-candy and more of a day-to-day background.

Nijedan od ponu?enih odgovora

Friend told me about this site... Great wallpaper.

Sva Putovanja

I must ask again - will you reveal tricks and magic involved in this nice wallpaper in form of some tutorial? I love it, and I would like to try something similiar on my own, and I bet that others too.

Graphic Design

The colours are amazing - im now using it as my wallpaper! Thanks.

Sean Delaney

looks very nice, great colors!


Nice work, changed my desktop already. Variant one is on my 24" display and variant two is on my 20" display. Thanks for sharing.

David Jacobs

Eh.. not really feeling this one. Is that the Plastic Wrap filter applied?


I love it! Thanks for the great new wallpaper!


David... Same thing. Unfortunately, I have 22/17, not 24/20.


Stunning wallpaper, on my screen now! You should do a tutorial for how you created it!


Definitely not feeling this. Pretty hideous.


wow looks great to me!! Thanks Joachim


unfortunately i found this after valentines day, but I will just have to hold onto it until next years. Thank you - creative design


these are beautiful!


i can find a fair few uses for these! good one thank you!!


To many colors, if you ask me. Not for regular usage but nice looking. Keep up the good work. ;)

Svi Poslovi

In my mind colourful is beautiful ;D I love this Wallpaperset!


This wallpaper looks amazingly beautiful!


Love the colors here, really nice work!

Brad Chmielewski

Yeah. Really nice... You make colors explode.


Nice stuff, but how in the world do you guys manage to focus on work while something like this pulsates in the background?

Marcin Petruszka

Intense colors are exciting - I love the vibrancy. Makes the computer that much more inviting. Thanks!


Really intense. These might be a little too bright for my everyday desktop, but they're really beautiful peaces of art.


Beautiful work. Many thanks.


Sehr schönes Wallpaper! Tolle Arbeit!


Wow, this is just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on a screen. Well done!


Well this is great!!! A wonderful late Valentines day gift from you. Thank you ever so much!!!!


I love it, thanks for sharing! :)


This is great wallpaper, thank you very much and thank you for this share. Cheers


Well look wallpaper, thank you for sharing

Alex Greer

Great like all the time! Thanks for this awesome picture.

Fun Shirts

Awesome wallpaper, thank you for sharing

Bill Turbinko

Its just superb. Thanks for sharing the wonderful picture


Great wallpaper. Nice colors. Thanks


Simply put: brilliant my dear, brilliant! Until Next Time, Reese Payton

Reese Payton

Thank you guys. Very nice wallpaper – looks even better than Colorflow!

??????????? ??????

wow...very nice wallpaper. Beautiful colors and forms

Webdesign Saarland

Wow, truly fantastic wallpaper you've got there. They just keep getting better and better. Big thanks!

Webdesign Blog

Smokin' Tuff & Tight !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow!! Nice wallpaper... i like it very much...!!!


Lovely wallpaper. Thanks Wolfgang!

Disc Jockey

Very very nice wallpaper, thanks!

Web Design Brisbane Sydney Melbourne

Cool wall paper


Wooaaa, looks awesome


freaking awesome! omg. this shit is tight

Kevin Li

I just changed my desktop wallpaper with colorsplash1 :D Its awesome


Thanks for the wallpaper, just uploaded it to screen now... looks great.


Nice color combination, nice work.

Jenny Craig

Tank you, Awesome :-)


So cool palette, thank you for sharing

Alex Leader

I wish I had your talent! It is gorgeous!


Amazing, thats a supercool design. Excellent curves.


fantastic walls. I 'm just lovin it. :-)


I just loved the first one, using 1st wallpaper on my desktop and 2nd one on my notebook now


The wallpaper is great! Love the colors!


Good work, man. I really like it. Has energy. How often you publish this sort of work?




Absolutely mesmerizing and stunning! I LOVE it!


its surely one of the best walls i have ever seen


They are amazing! Thanks a lot for it ;)

Creamy CSS

Das sieht ja klasse aus hier. Habe lange nicht mehr eine so schöne Homepage gesehen. Lieben Gruß aus D-Land!


Nice Design, Iv'e already added to this to my collection... Thanks

Design Jar

Nice one!!!


Thanks for sharing ! so great and nice ! i put it in my bookmark !


Wow, Fabulous. Any other splashy wallpaper to offer?


just one word for this wonderful design- "Superb" ^-^


its so beautiful! i dont have words for this beautiful art work of yours!


Das sieht ja echt klasse aus! Tolles Design!

Rechtsanwalt Hamburg

Endlich mal was anderes. Das sieht echt super aus. Dankeschön.


Ui, very nice wallpaper. Thanks a lot for it. greetz

Falk Navi Vergleich

Thank you Bartelme, very nice resource!


Das Design ist mal wieder first class! Auf bartelme ist Verlass..;-)

Versicherung Informativ

Nice walls - name should be colourflash! hehe.Great work!

Amazing wallpaper. It looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing such good design wallpaper.

Website Design Development

You just got yourself another follower on Twitter, Wolfgand :)


Hey Wolfgang, how about releasing some kind of howto regarding that wallpaper or its modification? Im sure all of us would be more than happy to get a chance of playing with it :)

Identity Design

Thanks a lot for this cool stuff. Really amazing oO

Saarland Webdesign

wow i like it! thx

zrche zrce

I also design many wallpapers but this wallpaper is really look like true color in fill it is not a wallpaper it is a real fact. really great job you done here.

SEO Company

Great stuff, really helps to brighten up my desktop!

web design norwich

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