Dark Theme for Wordpress

I'm proud to announce that the previous theme of "Bartelme Design" - also known as "The Dark Theme" - is now available as free Wordpress template. I want to thank ilemoned who did the whole coding work - great job man!

It’s getting dark

The so called “Dark Theme” was originally used on this site over the last 6 months or so. I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys, now that I have switched to my new “Deep Blue” theme :) Feel free to download the package and bring some darkness to your WordPress driven weblog. By the way as far as I know there will also be Drupal versions of the “Dark” as well as of the “Fresh” theme. So stay tuned.

Download the Dark theme for Wordpress


According to ilemoned the theme has been tested on *WordPress 2.1.3* with Firefox and Safari, as well as IE6/7 and supports the following plugins:

* flickrRSS
* Gravatar
* Ultimate Tag Warrior
* WP-PageNavi

Make sure that you also check out the WP Dark customization kit to customize the header.



Thank you, my lord!


Haha – you're more than welcome :)


Is there a cache or something? I still saw "0 Comments" on your index page.


Yeah I had to enforce caching, due to heavy server load.


Fantastic einfach nur geil super arbeit ;-)


Been a fan of this for a while, thanks!

Devon Shaw

Wonderful. Thanks!


Awesome! It's going to definitely be one of the more quality Wordpress themes out there.


Hi, I really love your themes and I think you do a great thing sharing them with us less talanted. Thank you again. I have a question though ; Are you planning to release the Dark theme for EE as well ?


Beautiful! But not as beautiful as the new site, of course.


Thanks! To be honest it's one of the best Wordpress themes I've ever seen. And believe me, I saw a lot of them :)


Awesome theme. I downloaded it today. It's so nifty.


Thanks for sharing! The theme is beautiful.

José Carlos

Thank Wolfang and LEMONed! I have been your fan for a long time!


the argentine....thanks are really beautiful..^_^


Simply delicious. I have little use for it, but it's a beautiful design! Great work, now get ready for the onslaught of Bartleme-clones :P




YOU ARE MY GOD !!! Thanks. I will check this port soon :)


Wonderful as usual!!! Wolfang a question, do yo have the same template for we EE users?


Very nice work, thanks for sharing!

Fredrik Wärnsberg





Wow, are you serious? I mean, really, this is just great! Not that I will use it, but I'm working on a new theme for my blog myself and I know that creating a nice, different-from-other-blogs-theme is very hard and time intensive. Much respect for doing that, I don't know if I would do that. ;) Sven Schoene

Sven Schoene

Many thanks for your generosity. I don't have any need of a new theme right now, but you can bank on it being in my shortlist for the very next WordPress project! Kind regards, Paul

Paul Enderson

Hmm i wonder what a Fresh/Dark MySpace would look like :P


this is what i've been waiting for. thanks bro..

Firman Firdaus

Hi, Is it possible to have the same template like the original one you used with Expression Engine? Thanks


really cooool!


Love the new Wordpress theme keep on cranking out some awsome themes




good theme,thanks!


Dear Wolfgang, I'm using your Dark theme right now, but i'm having trouble setting up the sidenotes (sideblog). you could see it from my link. this is the css I use: #sideblog { position:relative; float:left; width:185px; background:none; } #sideblog ul { margin:0px; padding:0px; width:180px; } #sideblog ul li { list-style:none; margin-bottom:10px; } #sideblog li a { text-decoration:none; font-weight:plain; font-size:1em; } #sideblog li a:hover { text-decoration:underline; } #sideblog li p { margin:0px; padding:0px; margin-top:4px; font:1em Verdana,sans-serif,arial; line-height:1.5em; } can anyone help me modifying the code so it can embedded to the theme perfectly? thank you

Firman Firdaus



I am working on converting your theme to e107, for my own personal use, but I was hoping you would allow me to release it to the public for e107, do you mind? You of course would get full credit.

Travis McCrea

Of course I don't mind — let me know as soon as you're finished, then I gonna put up a linklist to all ports.




thanks a lot...been waiting for so long...thanks for releasing and thanks ilemoned for coding...

le seb

hello there.. i can't access the download link.. do u know where else can i get the theme? lurve it! or u can email me? thx!!


I'd give you my ziped copy, but I dont think you run e107, and its not done yet :D

Travis McCrea

Danke und Grüße aus Graz!


anyone want to make a myspace design using bartelme styling???

cam drysdale

myspace is evil!


This is the BEST THEME EVER !


Thank you for this great theme ! More like this are welcome.


Woaw ! Nice work - colors are beautiful :) Can we use it with WordPress.com ?


I love this theme but for some reason my search does not work. I don't know if it caused by theme or not

Mr. Blogit

search works fine for me!

Travis McCrea

@Yellowman: Sure — it's free and can be used on whichever site you want. As for customization: I plan to do a customization kit, so that you can easily incorporate your logo. So stay tuned.


Sehr schöne Arbeit!


Wonderful . btw. I really enjoyed reading all of your posts. It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s point of view… makes you think more. Greetings


Thanks a lot!


Thanks Wolfgang for your answer ;)


Thank you all. I have learn so much here.


Hello Bartelme, You have done an amazing job on this theme. I enjoyed it so much, I designed a new "scheme" if you will, and would love your opinion. I think that it would be a good addition to release this also, as long as you are onboard. You can see my "twist" on your amazing theme here. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks

Brad Bowen

So, I decided to make another "flavor" if you will, for bartelme's awesome "dark" theme. It is a nice blend of Orange. You can check it out in the link below. Please drop me a line and tell me what you think! http://test.onemorerevision.com/

Brad Bowen

Nice, I like it :)


Nice work you have done :) Keep going man!

Shabu Anower

Very delicate. Thanks.


Just come by and say thank you very much for your sharing :) amazingly beautiful free wordpress theme.


Wow, looks really nice!


very nice theme!


Hello Guys, Just wanted to drop a line and let you all know that the "Dark_Black" theme has been released, which is a new flavor on Bartelme's awesome theme. You can check it out here. Thanks Bartelme!

Brad Bowen

Thanks Bartelme! You can view your feed "here!":http://www.youflux.org/bartelme-design-journal/


Nice the Dark Theme!


Hey guys, this theme is awsome! I loved it! Just to let you know I made it ready for widgets, and now support Related Posts plugin. You may be interested, this direct link is: http://diegociconi.com/files/wptheme-dark-widgetized.zip If you wanna see a live demo just take a look at http://ciconi-invest.com You rock guys!

Diego Ciconi

I really like the Dark theme. Beautiful work.


very nice...if can, i want to convert it for the blogger.. :D


Hi had to drop by and thank-you so much for the Dark Theme. I see you're getting a lot of praise, and for good reason. I've been looking for a decent template for a long time with no results. But yours blew me away. Installation and alterations were really smooth, and it works perfect with the Flickr plugin. Thanks again! Keep up the great work.

James White

Hey everybody, take a look at the widgets ready version: http://diegociconi.com/wordpress-theme-dark-theme-widgets-82/

Diego Ciconi

I love this theme but it's a little difficult to see highlight and links... well... overall it's a very beautiful theme


Is echt nen super Desgin, eins deiner besten :D

Chris Wouters

I absolutely love your blog design. Do I have the chance to get it incorporated to my blog?

Jase Lee

Nice theme :) I want use it in my blog ;)


wow! genial das teil! hoffentlich gibts das neue auch bald, das ist noch viel besser, finde ich.


Love this theme, I'm using it on my blog right now! Im trying to get the 'recent comments' area to display the comments_excerpt aswell, so people can see a snippet of what's being said but I just can't do it ~ any suggestions? "http://blog.jam-factory.com/":http://blog.jam-factory.com/ Many thanks!

Gavin Strange

It's a shame this came out as a wordpress theme port first when it was an original EE theme. Would love to see this released for Expression Engine?


Hey, many thanks for your brilliant and charming theme. For my site, I customized it to a light blue version instead of it being so dark. Check my version here : http://www.zaldoe.com/ If all goes well, I should be releasing it to the community any day now.


As promised, I have released a customized light version of this theme for download. Get it here: http://www.zaldoe.com/themes/


Hello. I was wondering if I could get some support to do a minor adjustment to the 'dark' theme, namely I would like to add "recent post" to the extreme right hand column, but after some experimentation, I've been unable to get it right. Any advice on specifically which file and what code to edit, I would be appreciative! Thank you in advance.


Hi, I'm a EE user like you and it's always a pleasure passing by here... you know what? I'm on my way in trasforming this awesome theme to use on my personal site (powered by Expression Engine) for now you can see it in action here "http://www.lincolnpixel.com/podcasts/":http://www.lincolnpixel.com/podcasts/


Changed Link... you can see the work in progress here "Here":http://www.lincolnpixel.com/v_1/index/

Lincoln Gbenga Olagbaju

hey i am sorry for not enclosing the code inside code markers. :( forgot about them


oh and btw I have updated my public release version preview the new version here : http://www.zaldoe.com download light 1.01 from http://www.zaldoe.com/themes/ cheerio :D


Your themes are fantastic. Have a nice day.

Realizzazione sito web

This is an excellent theme but how do you upload it all to a web host?

Peit Leigh

upload to ur wp-content/themes directory :)


Hrmmm, forgive me but my ignorance is showing. Fabulous theme but I've messed up a setting somewhere. When I categorize a post (life rant, sports, etc.), the category (plus the very stylish icon) doesn't show up in the left-hand column. Would someone mind helping me out with the fix? Thanks in advance.


Any Idea what template is used at www.100cute.com ?


Looks like a modified version of K3 (a three-colum K2 variant). You could try the newly-released Copyblogger theme, which is also quite similar. Hope this helps! :)

Paul Enderson

i love the theme, but i've run into a slight problem. the recent comments don't show up. but if you goto the single post they show up... any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!! you can see it "here":http://www.jonathanmerchant.com


Auf der Suche nach einem Blog-Theme gehört dieses auf jeden Fall zu den ansprechendsten und markantesten WP-Layouts, welche mir in versch. Sammlungen, Viewern, Blogs oder bei Smashing begegnet sind.


This is a beautiful theme, thanks a lot !


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