Deep Blue Wallpaper

Due to popular request I did a wallpaper using the bubbles appearing on the start page and in the comment section on this site. But instead of just publishing the wallpaper, I thought it would be nice to once again turn it into a wallpaper devkit so you can customize it.

So feel free to play around, reposition the bubbles, remove the gras or add new items to the wallpaper. Would be nice if you shared your artwork with us. And by the way, this devkit also supports dual screen setups - for those of you using two displays or a giant 30” Apple Cinema Display.

Download the Deep Blue Wallpaper Devkit

So don’t be surprised that the package is about 35MB in size :) If you’re interested in the offical Bartelme Design Deep Blue Wallpaper you can grab your copy right here. Enjoy.


Fantastic! Thanks for publishing this. I can't wait to start playing with it. What happened to the teaser that had the rays of light coming from above?

Matt Wilson

No sweat - my fault. The teaser image above was not up-to-date :)


It's amazing! I was totally fascinated with your Devkit. Can't wait to download it.



William Wilkinson

Great wallpaper, going to use it on my daul :D , thanks for the release, really appreciated.


Oh this is so clean and pleasuring to see. I love it.


I absolutely love this wallpaper! Thanks a bunch Wolfgang, I think it's safe to say your a genius.

Edward Scherf

Perfect, as usual!


Glub, Glubbb, Glubbbb, Thx Bartelme, you the best :D

Arturo Rey Soto

I love the clean design of the walls and your homepage. How about a tutorial on one of them? ;)


Thank you very much for this wallpaper. Love the simplicity.

Anshul Jain

Brilliant, all my desktop backgrounds for the past several months have been creations of yours. Thank you!


fabulous :)


Wow, thanks. Your bandwidth sucks today... ;)

Martin Labuschin

Thankyou, very nice.


Wie immer sehr schönes Wallpaper. Und das ganze noch viel besser, weil es ein DevKit ist! Danke, Wolfgang


genius. I love the idea of stretching it across two screens.


thanks a lot! Very nice! I'm missing a little goldfish in the upper right corner watching me at work!


im having difficulty making this 1440x900 for a single screen. any possible releases of such stuff. THANKS


COOL Wallpaper?I Love It, THX :)


Sehr schöne Wolfgang! Kommt sehr geil in deinen Screens dort oben!

Alexander Hahn

ps: gibts die displays die du verwendest eigentlich auch im download? Im icollection package ists ja nen anderer/kleinerer... feinste grüße!

Alexander Hahn

Very Nice and great free source but only problem is i see in the future soon a lot of people using the bubbles and grass in designs and not crediting you or asking permission.

James David

it's a perfect wallpaper! too bad my monitor is only a 17" @1280x1024


will wait for the devkit ;)


alright, a temporary solution (before the official devkit) for those who use 1280x1024. sorry for being so evil to remove bartelme's logo. lol


not a 30" but two big ones on my pc - on my mac i use another wallpaper...

Alexander HAhn

Well if you wanna do other resolutions just resize the devkit using Photoshop's "Canvas Size" dialog and reposition the bubbles/gras. It's as simpleas that :)

Wolfgang Bartelme

What about removing the 'or' from "...for those of you using two displays or a giant 30” Apple Cinema Display"? d-: lol

Elliott Cable

Ein wirklich schöner Hintergrund. Weiter so!


As always: Really nice work!


well, didnt realize that the devkit is already available..


dange - rockt total!


Looks awesome! Especially on my Macbook! Thanks a lot Wolfgang!

Garrett Bjerkhoel

You... Are a genious!


Absolut grandios! Habe das auf meinen beiden Macs als Hintergrund eingerichtet.

Lars Fischer

Just in time, I was fishing for a new wallpaper this morning. This is hot! Without the bubbles.

Scott Mackenzie

Fantastic ^-^ Thanks for sharing this, my desktop looks beautiful now


Thank you!!!! :P


thanks a lot wolfgang for this wonderful wallpaper. Here's a little alteration of it:


Nice shot! I very like this wallpaper..:)


The resolution is showing up in Apple's Preview with a height of 1200 pixels? My 30" ACD has a height of 1600, any thoughts ... Other than that, this one rocks!


Thanks for the release! I have another toy to play with tonight.


Great work! I do like it!




Hi Wolfgang, I like it! It adorns my display as I type. There is just one thing and I don't know if this is intentional. The bubbles are going in the wrong direction. If this is underwater, the bubbles (presumably, air?) will expand and get bigger as they rise. Sorry to be a science geek but.... Chris

Chris Carpenter

Dang.... you hit me again.... This is amazing! Fantastic work!


wow cool, now all I have to do is install win zip


Great stuff! Thanks.


Beautiful work, I love the simplicity. I had to download your kit and apple-fy it a little bit to my liking, here's the result:

Joonas Bergius

Looks incredible as always. I was wondering if you could let me know how you make those lightrays. I've tried all my old tricks, and I can't seem to make them look as real as yours. I'm sure others would find it useful as well.

J. Houk

Well I guess that's a good topic for a short tutorial :)


Many thanks!

J. Houk

Wow, You are really making my desktop look great with the nice icons and wallpaper! Thanks for sharing :) Dan


Beautiful Work, it's fantastic :)


the bubble should expand as it rise, afaik. Other than that, your wallpaper is great! I especially liked the light rays


WoW amasing! I realy like your work! keep on doing great stuff! !Respect!


What a awsome wallpapers!!!!

Webdesign den haag

Sehr schönes Wallpaper. :)


very nice wallpaper .... good

adel tebboub

I am late to the game (ok, very late), but thank you for this amazing wallpaper. :)


Thanks for this great wallpaper.


Great !!! There is any for 3 - 17' Monitors ? Geards.

Joao Pacheco



im starting out web design and i find this "place" amazing thanks


Very cool thing ! thats what i was searchin for


Super Hammerharte Grafiken Echt bin begeistert klasse Walpaper macht weiter so einfach Genial


hi to every body


Prima, dass ich diese klassse Seite gefunden habe. Sowas cooles gibt es selten. Eine ware Perle. Jetzt werde ich es gleich ausprobieren. Oder erst noch etwas hier schökern ;-) Danke!!


Top Sache! Wird direkt mal runtergeladen und getestet!

Willis Witze

Can you please release this with at least a height of 1600 pixels so those of us with 2560x1600 res. can use? Thanks, David


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