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December 29, 2005

I really appreciate Microsoft’s decision to adopt Firefox’s feed icon. So you might guess that I was even more excited when I heard of Matt Brett’s “Feed Icons” project.

The project I’m talking about is actually a web site, dedicated to the new standardized feed icon. There you can download the icon in a bunch of different sizes and formats. You may even download an Adobe Illustrator file, so you can customize the icon to fit your site’s color scheme.

I’ve already downloaded the package and since it’s not yet possible to upload customized versions to the web site, I thought it would be a good idea to publish them on my own site. Beside the PNG resources (16px to 128px) the package also includes an Illustrator file, so you may adapt the icon’s appearance or size. Hope you enjoy.

Bartelme’s Feed Icon


I uploaded the Package too and I really appreciate the decision of Microsoft to adopt this Icon. I think it is one more step to standards.


That’s nothing! What about web standards? Or security? That’s the things they should work on! The feed icon is nice but there are more important things to do for the developers.


Thanks once again :-) I had been stripping my feed icons out of screengrabs from Safari and Firefox — these are MUCH nicer, and far more flexible — Cheers!

Steve Williams

yeah i love customizing those icons. but only for fun. the firefox/mozilla rss-feed icon is almost perfect… greetz rob (ahhh lots of snow in berlin)


sorry again. i have to remember that a post will be published twice when i’m reloading your website.


Thalion: while Microsoft certainly have a lot to work on with regards to IE’s standards support, this is not just an icon. Syndication is an important technology that needs wider adoption before it can really be taken advantage of. A unified, recognisable ‘brand’ can help with that, and consequently is well worth the time being taken and the fuss being made over it.


While I appreciate someone making the icon available in varying formats, I think devoting a whole website to it is ridiculous, and just an effort to make some “Web 2.0” portfolio filler. I don’t think the icon needs a site to perpetuate standardising it, since IE has already adopted it. Additionally, isn’t it potentially confusing to a novice user looking for the little orange icon matching the one in their browser?


that’s just an excuse to deviate the people from the real problems that m-soft is having.


hallo wolfgang ! is zwar ne blöde frage, aber wie hast du das hinbekommen mit den illustrator-files, die lassen sich ja bis ins unendliche vergrößern ohne qualitätsverlust. ich weiß du hasts mit vektoren gezeichnet, aber dass das sogar geht wenn man einen verlauf drinnen hat find ich recht interessant ! könntest du das bitte mal kurz erklären ? und übrigens ist wirklich richtig nett geworden dein feed-icon !


Nicely done Wolfgang! I’ve seen a few alterations to the reflection, but this is definitely my favourite. Shhh… don’t tell the others. ;-) @Anne: I think your comment is a little out of line. <a href="http://www.mattbrett.com/archives/2005/12/the-new-standard-feed-icon/">I wrote an article</a> on my site where I first released the package, and it did so well that I thought it deserved a better home. Obviously, there’s great interest in this subject and it seems the vast majority of people are willing to embrace this icon as the new face of syndication. It would be kind of silly if you had to come to an article on my site to get it, wouldn’t it? It would only be a matter of time before someone else put up a site for it… figured I’d beat them to the punch! Lastly, there’s nothing “Web 2.0” about an icon. That phrase is mis-used <em>almost<em> as much as AJAX… almost!

Matt Brett

The back and forward buttons on internet browsers (Firefox, Camino, Internet Explorer) are all green arrows and the stop button is always red, home is always a house. How important is this really though? If it was to change would it really make a difference with the end user? It could distract them for a second I would guess but as long as it is simular I don’t see much of a problem.


Awesome information, I will be downloading the new standardized icon immediately. It’s nice to see the browser makers playing nice for a change. PS. Bring back the blink tag :)

Shaun Shull

Sehr schöne Icons! Weiter so! :)


Das ist sehr gut von Microsoft. Und die Ikone sind auch gut gemacht. Ich habe schon eingeladet. -----

Avasilcai Daniel

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