Flag Button Devkit

In many cases you have to provide different options or features for different nationalities. I guess the most popular example is Apple's iTunes Store, where you click a small flag button to access the store of your country. Here is a development kit to create such buttons.

How to…

Once again it’s bascially a Photoshop file with placeholders. To create a new button, just duplicate a layer group and paste the new flag into the respective layer. It’s as simple as that. Enjoy.

Download the Flag Button Development Kit

Get involved

By the way I thought it would be nice if we could create a complete set of flags so that people can simply download a ZIP and reuse the buttons on their websites. So if you create new buttons just let me know and I’ll add them to the Devkit.


Alright guys - just added an Illustrator file to the ZIP. So just in case you’ve already downloaded it, make sure that you grab the most recent version.

Update 2

First of all thanks to Cezary for pointing out that I did not use the correct colors for the flags. I changed that. And secondly I created a ZIP including all the flags I received so far. Btw if you plan to do further flags I’d kindly ask you to send it as transparent PNG (216x216px) and I will add it to the ZIP. Thanks for participating!

Update 3

Thanks to Matthias Slovig who just contributed a complete European set to the collection. Amazing!


Genial, danke :) A.

Andreas Pizsa

Very useful kit! Would be perfect if provided AI format. Thanks Wolfgang


Awesom! Thank you... As Yichi sad, Illustrator format would be great too...


Very nice! Lovely stuff


FYI I just added an Illustrator version :)


Another great release Wolfgang. Really nice work.


Hübsch! Wies aussieht hast Du Illustrator CS3.. geht trotzdem auf im CS2. ;-) Dankeschön. Kann man vielleicht mal brauchen...

David Worni

Really great releas Bartelme..

Ben Jacob

thanks... again!

Sebastian Kessler

Thank you :) It's useful!


Nice stuff there! (But flags should not be used as language icons. Why? They represent countries, not languages. Read more on the topic here: "Indicating language choice: flags, text, both, neither?":http://www.456bereastreet.com/archive/200604/indicating_language_choice_flags_text_both_neither/)

Martin S.

Okay, it says nothing about using flags as icons for languages in the article, so my fault. Nice work anyway. :)

Martin S.

Hi Wolfgang. I just sent you the Venezuelan flag button ;)

pati @-;--

I added four flag icons, don't know if you want to use them or not but here you go. http://www.jjamesdavid.com/misc/index.php?dir=bartleme flag devkit http://www.jjamesdavid.com/misc/bartleme flag devkit/fournewflags.jpg

James David

As usual awesome work

Arpit Jacob

Really nice, buddie!

Rafael Marin

I don't want to be a troublemaker, because the devkit is great. However, the flags seem to be in bad colours. 1) Germany should be #000000, #ff0000 (!) and #ffcc00 (!) and it is #000000, #f60d0b and #f9ed17. 2) The UK should be #00247d (!), #cf142b (!) and #ffffff and it is #142c8e, #f60d0b, #ffffff. 3) The USA should be #002868 (!), #bf0a30 (!) and #ffffff and it is #0000fe, #fe0000 and #ffffff. 4) Austria should be #f32b42 (Pantone 032 C) (!) and #ffffff as I conclude from partial information on German Wikipedia and it is #de2110.

Cezary Okupski

Well first of all this color deviation is mainly caused by the gloss and bevel effects. And secondly, I don't think that anybody will be confused ;) Anyway, thanks for the hint!


Awesome! It's ideal like that (after update 2). :D

Cezary Okupski

Danke Wolfgang! Deine DevKits sind eine fantastische Idee! Jedesmal aufs Neue! Liebe Grüße aus Bonn, Oli


Thanks man, your devkits might become legendary soon. ;-)


There's a typo in the article at "Get Involved".. sorry for being picky. Other than that - neat idea, comes in very hand for me righ now!

Jörg Tillmann

Thanks - but ain't "invloved" much more interesting than "involved"? ;)


This is awesome!! Really like the idea!


Sehr schön gemacht! Großes "Dankeschön" an Dich.


Haha thanks dude this is awsome. Glad to see that you included a Union Jack (Great Britain). Thanks Wolfgang!


Sorry to be pedantic, but the Union Jack (United Kingdom flag) you have is wrong. It should have white space above the red diagonal on the top left as shown at the url: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/gb.html

Gerard Blake

Ich bin doch immer wieder überrascht ...genau danach hab ich gerade gesucht, und diese sind wirklich super schick - danke dafür ;-) Schönes WE, Michael


Where is the flag of Brazil? =)


William, any country which you can't find in the pack currently you can look up on Wikipedia (e. g. http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Brazil) and apply the effects of the devkit. If they were all done it wouldn't be a devkit, but a flag set. ;) Articles on Wikipedia Flag_of_*** not only feature a graphical presentation, but often describe the country law which specifies it (with exact colours, proportions etc.). Flags are mostly in public domain, so you can freely use them.

Cezary Okupski

Cool idea—thanks!

Julian Schrader

Hey, *William*! Just look to the updated collection. Yesterday, I created the flag button of Brazil.

Ramon Bispo

Besonders in dieser Größe sehen die Flaggen-Drops zum Reinbeißen aus :-)




:-) Immer wieder gute und optisch extrem ansprechende Ideen. Vielen Dank für die fortwährende Inspiration!


Very useful, thanks! :-)


Wow. These flag buttons would really come in handy. Thanks!


Wow - Die Beispiel verdeutlichen, wie vielfältig die Verwendungsmöglichkeiten sind: Deutschland, England, USA und "Durchfahrt verboten" :-D

Herr Voß

Hi Wolfgang! Ein sehr nützliches DevKit, nicht nur für Flaggen. Viele Grüße, Markus


danke - tolle idee! prima umgesetzt!


Thank you for the kit and giving it for reuse! Greetings Marco


Nice collection. Thanks fo sharing

Wilson José Neves Morgado

Just added North America at "flags.blogpotato.de":http://flags.blogpotato.de (ok, not that kind of big deal ;-). Africa is almost done.


As usual awesome work.


Thank you very much! It's useful.


I am learning.


Seriously, you are worth your weight in Diamond. Always professional and always incredible. God Bless You!

Reginald B. Goodridge, Jr.

Very nice flags, thanks for that good work

Kostenloses Forum

Moin moin aus Hamburg, das Flag Button Devkit hat mir so gut gefallen, dass ich für die Hansestadt Hamburg auch eine Flagge erstellt habe. Vielen Dank für diese gute Arbeit. Gruß Stefan


You are more than generous, guys. Thank you! :)

Respiro Media

Hallo Wolfgang. Da du mir bei Twitter nicht "folgst" mache ich es einfach mal hierüber... Hast Du zufällig noch ein Invite für Pownce frei? Wäre klasse... Danke Dir, liebe Grüße aus Bonn, Oli


Great work :D, will def. use this. Best Regards


Here is my addition to the European Countries, The Turkish Flag Button: http://www.turkhitbox.com/photoshop/turkish-flag-button-for-bartelme-design.html

Turk Hit Box SEO

Nice and usefull as always! Great thanks! Thomas

Thomas Jacobs

thanks for great tutorial! it's brilliant idea!


anyone has the mexican flag as this ones?! Im very bad at photoshop :S


Very nice work indeed. Unfortunately the Czech flag seems to be missing.


So nice! Thank you for sharing, this will be very useful.


I just finished 26 flag buttons for these countries: European Union Uruguay US Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Turkey Singapore Saudi Arabia Panama Peru Kazakhstan Dominican Republic Cuba Israel Argentina Colombia China Czech Republic Jamaica Mexico Morocco South Korea Israel Russia Taiwan Venezuela South Africa I sent them to Wolfgang, so hopefully he'll add them to the flag collection soon. In the meantime, I'm working on more...

Dave Gross

Hey great flags really good design!


Once again thanks for all your contributions. This is awesome.


Brilliant flag kit, thanks for your efforts.

Nic P

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