Fresh Theme for EE

Still remember the previous skin of Bartelme Design? Do you want to use it one your own website? Well I'm glad to tell that it's now possible - at least if you use Expression Engine as your CMS of choice. Sadhana Ganapathiraju was kind enough to convert my old theme to a full featured EE theme. Thanks :)

Download Fresh Theme

Just in case that you’re not quite sure which theme I’m talking about - here is small screenshot. So if you’re interested make sure that you download the package from the respective site. Btw if you wanna convert the skin to a WordPress or any other theme, just grab the resources…

Update: The first WordPress port of my previous “Fresh?? theme has been released by ilemoned. Thanks. If you are interested, grab it while it’s hot :) Btw just inform me if you have also ported the design - then I gonna post a list of all available ports. Once gain thanks for your effort - I kinda like the whole thing :)



I'd love to make a WordPress theme out of it, this should keep me busy in some boring lectures :-) Could you fix the link for the resources? Right now, it points to...well, nowhere.

Jeriko One

The link should be fixed - obviously you were far too fast :) First comment 30 seconds after posting the entry - hehe


More designers should do as you and publish previous design iterations as themes when they redesign.. Good work, looks great!


Great work open sourcing it. I'm on Wordpress so I'll just take some inspiration from it :)

Ross Hill

NICE IDEA wolfgang!... thats the way we can learn from each other! opensource! maybe someone can build a nice wordpress version of it!

Alexander Hahn

Thanks Wolfgang! Someone please give a link via these comments if they get this into a working Wordpress theme.


Man this is cool. I will also try to port it to wordpress. As soon as I am done will notify here.


Yeah that would be cool - just drop me a note if one of you has created a WordPress theme and I gonna post it on my site.


Actually, I'm not in the mood for "racing" - if anyone else would like to make a WordPress theme out of it, go on. Don't get me wrong, but it's not like I had nothing to do beside it ;-)

Jeriko One

Well, Jeriko, in fact I'm already sitting here and editing the files. :D Just read your first comment... hm... maybe we'll make to ports and pack it together later?


Oh, there are 20 other that will port it too. Thats enough... :-)


I really appreciate it that you've made you're old design public. Other webdesigners like Whalesalad try to make money with it but I prefer your free for all way of thinking. Nice new theme too!

Axel de Vries

Lovely theme :) i wonder from where that came out :D. again - great job.


Really *cool* ! But my "blog": is based on DotClear... Thanks! ;-)


Awesome! We'll definitely be porting this to a "Mephisto": theme.

Justin Palmer

puh....installed and tested EECore for the 1st time today.... just tried to get this template working for testing this managed after 2 hours ;) kinda impressing what EE does.... its cool that u share ur old theme with the community its not that normal.


Hey, great news :-) I use WordPress as blog system, so i am waiting for 100% perfect port. Thanks for public release.


Really looking forward to the Wordpress port, anyone got a hold of the status on that?

Jacob Bøtter

I am doing the WordPress port. :)


lots of us are going to use this beauty with the wordpress port!


Now I'm making some progress, and the theme will be out in 1 or 2 days. Of course I'd like to share it with you ppl, as long as bartelme allows me to.


LEMONed: Feel free to mail it to me (e-mail here:, I've done quite a few themes for Wordpress and would love to help out with testing in some way.

Jacob Bøtter

I've put on the fresh theme, you may go here to take a look. But still I'll need some time to do the final adjustment.


freaky fresh! LEMONed

Alexander Hahn

Nice LEMONed :)


Working on a modification of Fresh-Theme for Wordpress (thanx to LEMONed for porting). Preview is available here.


Sieht ganz so aus, als wäre das Theme Online. Schmuckes Theme, lasse mich mal von der Wordpress Version überraschen. Nette Grüße an Dich! :)

Jörg Petermann

My modification of your theme is available for wordpress: (Not so) Fresh. Based on your theme and LEMONed's port for Wordpress. Thanx to you and LEMONed for your work!


Well, I must say that I am _*LOVIN'*_ this new design!


Man, this is sweeeet!!! I really enjoy viewing the great designs of skilled website developers. :-) I use ASP.NET and would love to use that theme with the Vine Type blogging engine or my own code. Would that be ok?


Of course - you are welcome :)


I don't know what's the problem. I installed EE (core) and uploaded fresh theme to the /theme folder. I followed the readme (copied/pasted into new templates, same name as the files) and don' t have a clue how to active the new fresh theme! I did make "fresh" template group default. Now, look what it shows


Chad, It kind of looks like your style sheet isn't set properly? Granted, it's 3:24 am my time so I'm a wee bit tired, but just a quick cursory glance and that's what it looks like to me. Is the style sheet in the proper directory?


It seems as if your whole site navigation does not work - and hence also your stylesheet (which is actually just another template) cannot be found. By default Expression Engine uses PHP's path_info variable to determine the right templates. Which version of PHP do you use? Because path_info is no longer supported in PHP5. In this case you have to change the query type under "CP Home › Admin › System Preferences › Output and Debugging Preferences". Hope that helps.


I uploaded the fresh directory to public_html/themes/fresh The 4 files are below /fresh directory including master_css.txt Am I supposed to remove teh ".txt" extenion from each file? I use php 4.4.4 / mysql 4 What should I do?


Just read the readme file included in the package. This should help.


No that does not help at all. Its not working. Why can't you just look and see for yourself? You'll see I uploaded as should be, 4 templates created and all.


readme doesn't even clarify how to do anything whatsoever. Its lame.


After struggling with this, I finally got it working. However, how do I set it up to look like this site here (fluid, colors, etc)? Thanks.


Chad? have you read which theme is subject in this thread here? read and think a lil - then post.

Alexander Hahn

What's with the nasty tone? I know how to read just fine. I am using the "fresh" theme from the link provided on THIS page so what's the nasty response for? Do YOU know how to read?


hm and why do you ask how to make it look like this site here and how to make it fluid?

Alexander Hahn

You have a nasty attitude problem. Don't reply anymore, Find a new hobbie and let others who are polite respond.


haha, calm down lil boy! were all here to get in contact and have a nice time in the design world... t`i not a hobby, it`s my occupation. if you want the actual look of this site, grab PS and a texteditor. I`m done

Alexander Hahn

"haha, calm down lil boy!" See, goes to show how immature you are. Congratulations.


Nice! Im currently using your Wordpress version, however may switch to EE - it looks rather nice! Keep up the great work! Rick

Rick Mills

Nice Theme... the blue is amazing!

Javier Romero

my blog is also EE powered. Your blog looks so cool, maybe I'd do something in that style for the next template. This place is so nice to look at.


Awersome wordpress theme! Congratulations!


:) Well, I'll be here waiting for a wordpress porting of your CURRENT theme. I love it madly! :D


I think the blue, green and white work very well together, although the legibility suffers when the type is blue on blue. Regardless, nice work.

David Airey

Very Gooood


The link appears to be dead. If someone could possibly email me a copy of this theme I would appreciate it! :)


Well the link is sometimes "seemingly dead". It's a very slow server. Maybe you should try a bit later or get a cup of coffee while waiting :)


Well, the link above takes me to this page: the title of the article at that specific page is "Blockwriter, the greatest typewriter of all times" So I did a search for Expression Engine, and it brought up a page about "Fresh Theme" But that does not have a download link, am I missing something?


Cheers, worked like a charm :)


I've gotten the theme to pretty much run on a test site, but in IE 7, the header and footer only slide into place after the window has been resized if the page is reloaded. The issue can be seen here: My bad? The theme's bad? Anyone still reading this?

Volkher Hofmann

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