Mighty Mouse

August 02, 2005

Unbelievable, that’s what I call a historic moment. After two decades of defending the idea of a single button mouse Apple now released their first multi button mouse.

Actually it is a four-button mouse in a single-button design, which is achieved by a touch-sensitive technology concealed under the seamless top shell. So the mouse “knows” whether you have just clicked the right or the left button. Great.

Apple’s new multi button mouse

Scroll Ball

But what’s even better is the new integrated Scroll Ball that lets you move anywhere inside a document, without lifting a finger. So what’s actually the difference between a traditional scroll whell and the new Scroll Ball? Well a scroll wheel normally just allows you to scroll either horizontally or vertically. The Mighty Mouse Scroll ball has a 360-degree scrolling capability.

Additionally the new mouse has force-sensing buttons on either side that respond when you press in with your finger and thumb — perfect for activating the Dashboard or Exposé.

The mouse provides the functionality to click, roll or squeeze.

No Bluetooth

Even though I am really enthusiastic about Apple’s new master piece, I am not quite sure whether I should consider to buy it or not. The main reason is definitely the fact that there is no bluetooth version available yet. And since I am really convinced of Apple’s bluetooth mouse I can’t really imagine switching back to a USB mouse… or is it worth buying? What do you think?

Apple’s new multi button mouse


I always used the trackpad of my powerbook and the only thing I missed, was the second button. Now I know, I need a real mouse.


I am a bit bummed out about the lack of Bluetooth, but this mouse is too cool not to buy. I have a Bluetooth mouse right now and its buggy, especially when waking from sleep.

Michael Simmons

I’m definitely gonna wait for the bluetooth version!

Christian Bogen

I’m hoping that Apple threw this version out the door to be ready for the common “But where is the other button?” question many parents ask when buying their sons and daughters new computers in the back-to-school time — and that in a month or so the bluetooth version will be released. To me, going from a wireless to a wired mouse would be like going from optical to the old ball on the bottom, something I am absolutely not willing to do.

Tom Richards

Scroll ball looks bad and makes it look like an actual mouse from the side. The scroll bar should be activated if you drag your finger on your current mouse in the center like. Does it look the same as their current bluetooth one? It looks more cheep plastic.


I just read about the new mice on computerbase.de and within the comments, someone mentioned taht Apple hast integrated a little speaker to play a click sound becuase the mouse doesn’t have any real buttons. That’s somehow funny :-)


ein bisschen schade ist, dass sie nicht auch die seitenbuttons als Sensoren ausgelegt haben. Gibt es denn eine reelle Chance, dass es demnächst (2 Monate) eine Bluetooth-Version geben wird? Und: ist dieser Scrollball eigentlich wirklich ein Ball oder nur so ein Mini-Joystick wie es die IBM-Notebooks (als Mausersatz) haben?


I’ve also read that Apple has integrate little speakers. When you scroll or click, Mighty Mouse produces subtle sound effects based on your actions. Hopefully this is just kind of an add-on to the real click functionality. I would really miss this lack of tactile feedback. Concerning the material: at first sight the new mouse looks less glossy than the current ones. Additionally the Apple logo is somewhat engraved…


Endlich hat es auch einmal Apple geschnallt, dass eine Ein-Tastenmaus für Adobe Phtoshop genau so wenig etwas taugt, wie für das surfen im Internet. Lang, lang hat es gedauert. Schicke Maus, doch stören mich die seitlichen Tasten. Auch hier würden Drucksensoren doch besser aussehen. Das Scrollrad ist eine schöne Idee, doch wird sich erst in der Praxis zeigen, ob man damit auch gut arbeiten kann.


By the way Appleinsider has just posted further pictures of the new mouse. Obviously I was wrong — the Mighty Mouse is as glossy as the current ones. Link


I’m quite excited about this, but what I cannot understand is why the scroll wheel/ball is not just integrated as a touch sensitive area on the mouse like a track-pad on the newer powerbooks. I mean perhaps it’s not so ergonomically great as it sounds, or perhaps they don’t have the technology/egineering to create it?


Yeah I’m with Gavin.


Just bought a might mouse, very pissed off. The mouse is perfect everything I hoped for but the preference pane is shit. You can’t customise the buttons and choose keyboard shorts for the buttons, just choose apples standard settings and choose to open applications. Even Microsoft more give you more options and settings. hopefully this will be improved in the near future.

Pissed off

Well I’ve playing with this mouse for about 5 hours. I have to say it’s failed for all but the most rudimentry right clicking. It pains because reading the press I thought it had some great ideas in its design. THE GOOD: -The track ball it pretty good and has a great level of precision -As a one button mouse it’s great THE BAD: It suffers from three fundamental design flaws: 1. Right clicking only works if your index finger isn’t on the surface of the mouse This is an ergonomic nightmare. My index finger is very sore after the equivalent of one days use. This is a side effect of the design goal of keeping the mouse one button friendly. It’s a design failure. Make a one button mouse, make a two button mouse. I like a probably most people, rest my fingers on the mouse buttons. It’s more comfortable than holding them aloft all day. 2. The buttons don’t click independently and therefore can’t be clicked together I didn’t consider this until actually using the mouse. I was surprised at how often I needed to click multiple buttons at once, especially gaming. If you’re a gamer, this mouse is next to useless. As you can’t click multiple buttons at once. Once again a side effect of being one button friendly. Unfortunately and surprisingly it is extraodinarily important to be able to click all three top buttons independently and together. 3. The side buttons have to be pressed ridiculously hard So they can perform their dual function of allowing you to click the mouse while it’s not on the table, the side buttons have to be pressed very hard to activate. That simply makes them uncomfortable to use and unresponsive. It would have been nice if the squeeze buttons were two separately mappable entities as well. Sadly, in my view this mouse is a real design failure, despite how great I thought it would be. It’s success is the scroll ball, but other than that it just doesn’t work that well in practice. It needs the following to be truely useful and competitive: 1. Full independent clicking for Left, Right & Middle/Scroll buttons 2. More repsonsive squeeze buttons Just swallow the pride Apple, and make the buttons real so the darn thing works as it should. :)


oh dear god, where’re my paragraphs.


Thanks for your detailed review. Concerning the paragrphs: I just restored them — unfortunately my current script automatically strips all paragraphs and HTML tags. This bug is fixed in the PHP version of Bartelme Design, which will be released within the next couple of weeks..


"Never write at midnight" — my new rule. ;)


With my experience of bluetooth mice (particularly Apple’s) — jerky, unpredictable movement, I say go for it now! The mighty mouse is such a joy to use!

Jon Hicks

I bought one, used it for a few days, but was ultimately unhappy with the right click and the side buttons. Those side things are virtually unusable. I’ve already switched back to my old Logitech mouse. Works great — no issues. Why did I waste my money?

Dale Cruse

I wish I’d never bought mine. It just can’t beat right click and there’s too many things that are VERY VERY VERY uncomfortable. It’s the most carpal tunnel friendly mouse I’ve ever used. Back to my old mouse and this one’s going for sale on Ebay.


I rather like my Mighty Mouse — the track ball is great because the scrolling is much smoother and more dynamic. I do agree that the side buttons aren’t really something that would help your workflow. It’s much easier to click while pressing the trackball to use that as a third button. The side buttons are better for something you don’t access regularly, but don’t necessarily want to mouse around for either.


I just switched from the Apple Bluetooth to the Mighty Mouse. I tought I was going to miss the being wireless, but what I found is that the Bluetooth mouse is darn heavy because of those batteries. Mousing with the Mighty Mouse is effortless and more precise becuse there is no momentum generated by the heavy Bluetooth mouse.


Looks great, but I’m waiting for the wireless version. Oh, and a Powerbook to use it with.

Patrick Haney

I like the mouse!


When a Bluetooth version comes out, I’ll definitely be all over this!

Elliott Pogue

when i will be able to play Starcraft at 200 APM with the use of an apple mouse i’ll be happy. until then, logitech all the way.


Gavin: Apple has patented a system that will allow you to scroll using the same technology as on the iPod-wheel… What the exact difference between the laptop-trackpads and the iPod ones are, I am not sure, but anyways… My guess is, aditionally, that the Bluetooth version will come during late fall, and make the stores in time for the christmas shopping… I am, like many of you, going to wait for the Bluetooth-version.. But I’m utterly excited about the mouse: Link But, I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up my Wacom and glass surface desktop for the ol’ Mighty… =( -----

Jørgen Arnor Gårdsø Lom

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