Shelf iPhone Wallpaper

Yeah I know, there are already plenty of shelf wallpapers out there… and most of them are really good. However I'm kinda peculiar when it comes to wallpapers and exclusively use my own ones :) I liked how it turned out and thought you may enjoy it as well. So here you go…

Download shelf wallpaper set for iPhone

The set contains two variants: a saturated and a muted one. Each of which is of course optimized for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Download Shelf Wallpaper Set


You can find an updated version for the iPhone 5 right here.


Beauty! Vielen dank!!


Nice one. Thanks!


Very nice! Thank you


Really very nice! Thank you!

Georg Portenkirchner

No love for those few of us still rocking the 3Gs? ;(


Thanks for sharing these wallpapers

Nicolas Chevallier

@Mark The wallpaper also works on a 3GS :)


Use it on my 3GS. Works really well and looks fantastic. Thanx.


I have Iphone 4 THX

Abogados Valencia

Thank you for those beautiful wallpapers! Hope to see more of those in retina resolution. ;-)


Nice work, Wolfgang. A friend of mine has 3GS and he told me this wallpaper works just fine. Don't see where the problem is, Mark. Take care, guys.


That is, what I am looking for! Thank you.


Whoops, didn't realize they work on 3Gs phones. My bad! :)


THX. Like it


Really nice. Thank you!


Awesome! Great idea! And thanks for the 3Gs version :)


What a coincidence, so far I've exclusively used your wallpapers (the grid, and now this). Love your work and I hope to see more soon.

Skip Chizzlenuts

Awesome. Thanks :)

Nicolas Cue

Great!Wait more...

Andrey Mishakov

I love iPhone, I have an iPhone 4.

HCG Sample Meal Plan

Wow, I love that custom wood wallpaper. You wouldn't think it would look good with the navigation icons, but it actually does. It sure looks sharp! I'll have to try this on my iPhone.


thanks for nice iPhone Wallpaper.

iPhone Blog

Wow yes I really like it thanks very much its a great job!

Web Design Dan

Reaaally nice, thank you a lot my iphone looks much better right now

Glaserei Schauer Hamburg

Thanks a lot, i love it, it looks so fresh and clean.

Berufsmoden MST

cool idea, good job!


Cooool . Really nice.

Higigo Search

very nice indeed, though somehow I get the feeling the shelfs are rounded in the back (because of the shadows) ;-)

Webdesign DragolinDesign

Great work, thanks!


Any chance you'll share the PSD for these? LOVE 'EM!


Cool. Good Job


I love the way the icons rest on the shelves, very nice. Thanks for sharing with everyone.


Wow, thank you very much. I like...


Richtig tolle iPhone Wallpapers habt Ihr hier erstellt. Gefällt mir wirklich gut. Kräftige Farben und schicke Konturen.

Mustang mieten Berlin

I love your iPhone Wallpaper, very nice setup and design. I like your design. Will it work on the iPad as well?


Thanks for the books recommendation, I just bought the HDR Book. Very nice wallpaper for the iPhone.


Simply Owesome! I like it

Victor Luo

Hui, i like this iphone wallpaper. Thanks for sharing!


It works and looks pretty good! Thanks for sharing that to us.


Looks clean and nice on my iphone. Like it. thx


Veeeeery beautiful..Thank you. My iPhone looks much better now :)


Kann ich nur zustimmen, macht in jedem Fall echt was her. Viele Grüße aus Achern Nathalie


Clean and nice. As always.


Faszinierend! Danke für die Arbeit. Professionell und hüsch anzusehen.




I really like the shelf wallpaper, so classy.

Acer Aspire

Spitzen Arbeit, gefällt mir wie fast alles von Dir sehr gut!

Martin Höllinger Webdesign

Great Work My friend I Really Like.

Idea Studio

Sehr nettes Wallpaper, sieht sehr gut aus!


Wow, this is very beautiful and interesting to look at. Love the color and the textures. Great wallpapers, thanks.

Desktop wallpapers master

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