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October 21, 2006

The other day I was working on an icon for an online shop. However at the end it turned out that we don't need it. So I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you guys, instead of leaving it getting dusty somewhere in a folder.

Download Shopping Cart Icon

So if you are ever in the situation that you need an icon for your online shop, feel free to use it. Most likely just need the PNG versions, however I also included icon resources for Mac, Windows and Linux. You never know :)

The Shopping Cart Icon in several sizes


Nice job! Shame you don't need it, good idea to share though at least it won't be wasted. Cheers

Steve P. Sharpe

Thanks a lot Wolfgang for sharing with us. I really like your way, you are always an inspiration for me.

Marco Bambini

Wow, really nice icon, thanks for sharing.


awesome work!!! keep it up


What a nice icon. Thanks for that. :)


Fantastic icon! If I ever need, this will be the one! Thanks!

José Carlos

Wow, looks gorgeous. Thank You.


Nice, you have a real eye for this kind of stuff. I couldn't create an icon that nice and not find a use for it!!

Jamie Hill

Very nice!

Mike Vitoroulis

thanks for sharing!


Very generous of you, sir. It's super cute!

Mark E.

Fantastic icon, looks great!


Very nice icon indeed. Thanks for sharing it.


Sweet icon, thanks for the share

Ash Haque

Very unique shopping cart design!


??????? ??????????????


so lovely! hope i can use this beauty in future!

Alexander Hahn

Beautiful Icon! Thanks for sharing.


Nice one, this is going to come in handy. Thanks!


Very cool! Thanx for shearing. That's also a good idea for unused things!


Tolles Icon. Vor ein paar Monaten hätte ich es gut gebrauchen können und hätte es auch sicher benutzt. :-)

Christian Fickinger

Looks so fine! Beautifull! Thanks for sharing!

Ramon Bispo

what programs do you use to make these icons? Do you use photoshop only or are there other programs you use with it?


In this case I exclusively used Adobe Illustrator to create the icon. But most of the time I use both Illustrator and Photoshop.


oh, thanks! great icon by the way.


Thanks!! Very kind of you - great icon!!

Gavin Strange

very nice icon is it possible to make one with a full cart ? full of what u want LeeLoO


Well that's a good point. I gonna have a look... :)


very cool.... I like it.. and like this blog too...


> Well that’s a good point. I gonna have a look… :) cool :-)


Very nice Icon. I'm sure, I will use it. Thank's for sharing.


Now that is the most stylish shopping cart icon I've ever seen! Must have taken you a while, I'd be interested to know how long?

Steve Williams

Well I don't no the exact number, but it must have been around 3hours... I guess.


That is a smashing icon, thanks so much for sharing. I will being using that in the very close future :o)


Very nice, just what I needed. Thanks.


wow nice icon. have you thought about creating an icon set for use in a cms or blog system?


Great job! And amazingly enough, my search on Google for "shopping cart icons" ended up at your site almost immediately. Nice not shuffling through all the "free icon" websites to get to yours! By the way, I am using this icon along side of some from the Crystal Clear icon set, and it blends in great. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Steve B

Very nice!!! Thanks :)


please give png file to everybady download! u er flayflint!


the best of the web!!! thanks awfully!!!


could not figure out how to open it. Need to save it as a gif or jpg & open with paint shop pro.


Just download the Linux icons — those are PNGs and can be edited in any image editor.


I have seen a lot of shopping icons and this one is the best. Thanks for sharing :)


Thank you for sharing this icon!


Excellent work, Ilike it ;)


Hey nice Shopping cart illustration.. Maybe you can use it for an threadless shirt :) shopping spree or something.. Looks verry nice but i think to clean for most online shops..


Thanks for sharing.

TM4B SMS Gateway

I love your icons! Ich hab schon einige Shopping-Cart Icons gesehen aber bei den meisten erkennt kein Mensch, dass es sich um einen Einkaufswagen handelt. Sehr genial, Danke!

WebAgentur Koerbler

Coole Designs! Wir arbeiten ja gerade an unserer Website und checken sehr oft Deine Websites, um Ideen zu generieren :-)


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