Solid Wood: Wallpaper

Those of you following my Flickr stream might already know that I was working on a new wallpaper set called "Solid Wood". And guess what… once again it's not just a set of wallpapers, but a complete devkit :P

Download Solid Wood Wallpaper Devkit


So make sure you download the devkit, customize it and illuminate your desktop. Btw you might argue that the menu bar of Mac OS covers parts of the lights… well that was actually the intention ;)

So if you resize the wallpaper in Photoshop, make sure that you use “canvas size” rather than “image size”. Otherwise the lights would also be resized and thus may be covered completely by the menu bar… which won’t look that good.

Canvas size Settings in Photoshop

Official BD Wallpaper

Btw if you’re just interested in the official Bartelme Design wallpaper, you may download it right here. Enjoy.


Oh sorry - you were way too fast :) The upload of the ZIP file is not finished yet.


Thanks so much for this!

William Wilkinson

With which licence is it released? :)


Gorgeous work as usual Wolfgang, love your work.

Sam Brown

This is looks amazing - as usual! Thank you!


Happy to see something in other color then blue ;) Great work, I already set it on my laptop. Feels relaxing and reminds me quite about Ubuntu desktop.


Looks very nice. It will be interisting to see what the lights look like on Leopard, because the menu bar is slightly seethrough...


Amazing release, Bartelme. I'm using it on my Macintosh now. :)

Caitlyn Imburgo

Wie immer fantastisch! Danke, Wolfgang!


Another great release Wolfgang, thank you very much :)


Looks great! I love the lighting effect. This could get people's computer screens to match their IKEA furniture :P I wish it came in 2560x1600. It would be nice for a DevKit to start at the largest possible size and allow everyone to resize down from there. :)

Todd Fraser

tut tut, is that 1 post a year? :P


Ah, downloading it now again. Thought it was a little small in size. Maybe I should stop checking your site so many times a day :)


Great work as usual :) You should also post a tutorial for how it was made. I'm sure it would be helpful for a lot of people, including me.


Great job! as always :)


Langsam nimmt die Devkit-VVeröffentlichung ja wieder fahrt auf :)

Andy Macht

As always, thanks for sharing :)


A proper post. Your Devkits are always a great inspiration. Thank you for your selfless designs.

J. Houk

Great Wallpaper! My transparent menubar in Leopard looks very cool now :)


So glad I came across your site. These kits are real time savers. Lynne


Thanks a lot, Wolfgang!

MacGeek Pro

Thanks very much for this, Wolfgang!

Jen Germann

This looks great. I couldn't find any information about the license it's under. Can developers use it in their apps?

Brandon Walkin

Hmm, not really a fan of this and the transparent menu bar in Leopard. It looked cool in Tiger, not so sure in Leopard.

Nick Toye

This is great! Tip for Leopard users who don't like the transparency - modify the desktop image to have a solid colored bar underneath where the menu pixels are. Problem solved. Tip for Wolfgang - your form validation isn't working too well. I missed out my email (it doesn't tell me it's required) then I got a blank page with just the validation error and no way to go back (neither browser back and the link on the page would work).


Thank you so much for sharing!


Great job Wolfgang:-)


it`s very nice


Very very nice! I'm playing with it now.


Wow, wirklich ein hübsches Wallpaper, habs direkt installiert. Danke!

Hans Gartner

it looks amazing unusual – as usual! great wallpaper!!!


Wolfgang thanks for the release. More stuff for me to tweak for my design work.

Dave Butler

Another bute! Nice job...


Looks like there is a watermark in the lower 3rd of the wood. What does it say? I'm a huge fan of yours. Thanks for your inspiration.


Sadly it doesn't fit to my Windows-Theme (Royale) as good as the last Wallpaper-DevKit did. Actually this is a good reason for buying a Mac, though... ;-) Thanks! Benni.

Benni Graf

Respekt! Wirklich fantastisch gemacht Wolfgang man sieht du verstehst dein Handwerk. Mal sehen ob ich davon was vielleicht in einem unserer nächsten Prospekte verwenden kann, Holz ist für uns natürlich mehr als passend ;-) Super!


Wow this looks great, Finally got rid of my computer make freebie logo wallpaper :)


Wie geht's eigentlich mit Cookbook voran?


Spitzen Wallpaper, danke fuer deine Muehe.


Great, that is amazing. Thanks :-)


Awesome! Just found this site with all those dev-kits, amazing - I'm sure to come back


Hey mate, just thought I would give you a heads up, both of your feeds are broken (Journal and Sidenotes). Tried it out in Firefox and gave me a error on line 1. Aside from that nice devkit :)


Yeah feeds were randomly broken after upgrading to ExpressionEngine 1.6. I hope this bug is fixed in 1.6.1 which I've just installed :)


Wood is awesome! Thank you Wolfgang.


Wow, this looks so real, just love the lightning. Now i don't know which one to install, this one or the coloured one :)


Very well done, and also very rare...was using a self made photoshop version until now. Thanks for sharing.


Awsome! How about a tutorial to show us how it's done?

Gunnar Mattiasson

Thanks for the new wallpaper! Great work!


Please, could someone help with resizing the image to see the lights


@ Ivan, what type of program do you use to view the wall paper?


I've tried resizing it with Photoshop CS2 using “canvas size” like the screenshot of the instructions. But after doing it no change is done. I'm not professional with photoshop, so maybe I'm not doing it ok.


Thanks Wolfgang! I liked it so much that I'm using it for my website's new footer. Hope you don't mind. Put a link to your site though. Thanks again for a lovely devkit!

Ewald Natter

wirklich klasse gemacht das teil. häufig sehen mir diese "fakes" einfach zu digital aus doch dein wallpaper hat etwas angenehm warmes, ist schwer zu beschreiben, jedenfalls einfach gut!


@ Ivan, You should first resize the image (image-> image size) and then you can resize the canvas (image -> canvas size) That should solve your problem


Downloaded.. Excellent wallpaper!


Great stuff, that's going to make some fine background on my wooden desk :)

Webdesign Nijmegen

Klasse Teil , spitzen Wallpaper . Danke


Klasse Arbeit, weiter so .

Playa Ingles

Sehr schön, wollte schon immer einen "Holzdesktop" haben ( ; Gute Arbeit, Dankeschön.


This looks amazing, as per usual, your work never fails to impress me. I think you should do one for rusty metal or old paper, or something funky like that... please keep up the great work - take care! Marty.

Myspace Layouts

A really nice work. Thanks! Brown is undoubtedly my favourite color :)

John Yellow

Feine Arbeit! weiter so!




Very cool!

James Burt

Brilliant idea. Thanks for very interesting article. btw. I really enjoyed reading all of your articles. It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s point of view… makes you think more. Greetings


Exzellent! Aber bei mir hat der Link nicht funktioniert. Schade...:(

Webdesign Berlin

Ich mag alle deine wallpaper...

Avasilcai Daniel

Das Wallpaper im Holzdesign passt zum Thema meines Blogs. Klasse Arbeit! Gruss Klaus


Sehr schönes Wallpaper. Die Holzmaserung strahlt einfach eine angenehme Wärme aus. Vielen Dank für Deine Mühe!


Very nice to share your great work with us, thanks a lot !

SEO Black Hat

Thanks again for a lovely devkit!


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