Synergy button set

May 26, 2005

Even though Dashboard’s iTunes widget looks quite cute, it’s not useful at all — I don’t want to switch to Dashboard in order to control iTunes. So for me personally Synergy is still the best choice.

One great feature of Synergy is the ability to control iTunes via system wide keyboard shortcuts as well as via a small skinable button set, located in the menu bar of Mac OS. After switching to Tiger however I couldn’t find a button set that matches the new look of Tiger’s menu bar. So I decided to create one and share it with you. Actually the package contains two sets — Aqua and Graphit. Hope you enjoy.

The Aqua and Graphit version of the button set


In order to install the button sets just download the ZIP, extract it and double click the respective “.synergyButtons” files. Synergy will create a copy of the set under “˜Library/Application Support/Synergy/Button Sets” so you can delete the ZIP as well as the extracted content afterwards.


Schick, schick. Nützt mir bloss ohne Mac leider nicht viel ;-( Wenn Skinning mal unter Windows so easy wär…

Philipp Daun

sehr nett, dass ganze. Ich bevorzuge die graphitversion, was ist das denn für ein icon rechts neben dem synergy-button?


sehr nett, dass ganze. Ich bevorzuge die graphitversion, was ist das denn für ein icon rechts neben dem synergy-button?


Das Icon daneben gehört zu iChat und bietet Zugriff auf die Kontaktliste bzw. auf weitere iChat-spezifische Funktionen.


ich hab leider auch nur ein “apple-xp” :P


Very nice, I made a few Tiger themes for M-Beat around the time of the WWDC build of Tiger. They could easily be ported to Synergy. Link

Chris McElligott

Slick design as this beatifull little site :) Another handy way is to use Quicksilver, the iTunes plug-in provides play/pause, next and previous track AppleScripts. You just have to set any kind of shortcut for it. Thereby you don’t need another extra deamon running. The only lack is there isn’t any rating scripts, but is isn’t so hard to create or to find on the net.


You can download the scripts from the official Quicksilver forum: Link


Very nice smooth design, similar to this site acctually… can see where your vision come’s from.


I agree, i love synergy, one of the three apps i have paid for in my short 3 months as a mac user. (tiger, proteus, synergy) which is more than i did on windows. =]


I agree — Synergy is worth buying. As are TextMate, Transmit and NetNewsWire.


Very slick! They look exquisite…if only I had Synergy (or a Mac for that matter). -----


Do you have a red version of these buttons?

Stephen Mitchell

No, currently there is just the Aqua and Graphit variant.


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