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January 20, 2011

I wasn't really happy with the app icon of the latest Twitter app for Mac… so I decided to do a quick a replacement icon. It's available in dark gray and blue. Hope you enjoy.

Download Twitter replacement icon

Concept wise I didn’t really want to reinvent the wheel, rather to spice up the already existing one. In order to replace the icon, just locate the Twitter app in you “Applications” folder. From the context menu choose “Show package contents” and replace the existing icons in “Contents/Resources”. Restart the app and you should be good to go.
Download Replacement Icons


Fein. Danke.


Here’s a slightly easier way of replacing the icon:

Mathias Bynens

Wow... Well done job, Wolfgang! I prefer the darker version but both are better than the official one.

Frank Gregor

Awesome! Looks great. Thank you!


Awesome, installing this minute.

Aleksandar Vaci?

Super Arbeit! Also so wie immer! Weiter so :-) Wie lange hast du für die Icons ungefähr gebraucht?


Very nice. Thanks for sharing! ;-)


Thank you. The initial icon took me around half an hour. All in all I spent about 2 hours on it…


Beautiful work as always sir! And very speedy work too - I couldn't bear that official Twitter icon any longer.

James Gill

Awesome. Great job!


Why not just use the original 2.0 one? It's nice and black. You can get the icns file at .

Jannis Andrija Schnitzer

Looks so much better than the original! - Thanks!

Dennis Stokholm

Great! Thank you! :-)

Georg Portenkirchner

I'm using it. So awesome. So much better. —

James McDonald

Lovely; thank you!

Patrick Brumfield

Great Icon but I would have preferred an icon that wasn't rotated like the original. The colors look better in this version, but I liked the old shape better.


I'm sorry, what app is this for? There are several twitter apps..


FYI, twitter JUST updated their app and the icon has changed... looks actually a bit like yours. :p

JA Brown

Looks great, but not crazy about the angle.


This icon(s) is pretty cute indeed; I don't think their bird looks like that in shape exactly, but it conveys the twitter brand well, with a slight twist.


Viel besser als das Original, sehr schöne Arbeit.


Besten Dank! Mein Dock sieht gleich schicker aus.


I like very much. Looks great.

Marketing online Valencia

When you say do a "quick replacement" how long did this icon actually take you from start to finish... I'm trying to figure out whether I just work too slow... Nice icon by the way, it's gracing my dock right now.

Francois Carstens

I'm still yet to work out why we're received a new icon with each update to the App - are the designers simply indecisive? Either way, I much prefer your solution.

Russell Bishop

Look great Thanks

recettes de perte de poids

Vielen Dank auch aus Krefeld. Bin ab dem 14.2. wieder in Graz. Mal Lust einen Kaffee im Tribeka zu trinken? /marc


Wie immer restlos begeistert! Ich danke dir!

Social Media Marketing

Looks pretty like always with your work. Thanks!

Nicolas Chevallier

Deine Icons gefallen mir auch wesentlich besser als das Original! Vielen Dank dafür.


The Twitter icon looks gOOd ;) Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

Salon Kamee

Awesome aptitude and I absolutely commensurable your blog… I hadn’t absolutely apparent of a bout of these situations so it followed acceptable to acquisition some addition references…


Hi Bartelme, Awesome Twitter icons! Any chance to release an alternative version without the bird? I'd like to use it as a replacement icon for Adium. Thank you!


finally, sometimes a useful website first-class post , thanks

Web Design

Much better!! Thank you so much!

Traci Gregory

Just beautiful, thanks for this!

57 Degrees North

If you just go into resources within the they have all the icons they have used to date, so you just need to rename the one you want to use to icon.icns


Thanks for these. I think I prefer the traditional blue but the grey has a really classy look to it. Always a pleasure to find blogs that are offering out freebies for others and it's a great way to make sure your readers keep coming back.


wow . Love it . I am with JP prefer the blue but the grey has a certain something. Keep up the good work

Roofer Leeds

Gefällt mir richtig gut. Kann man das ganze ein wenig individualisieren!


Sauber, das Standard-Twitter-Icon hängt mir schon zum Hals raus!


Oh It's so beutiful! Really interesting work. Thanks


Danke sehr coole Twitter Icons Danke!


Echt geil! Eine super Arbeit - vielen Dank ;-)


Sehen wirklich top aus die Icons, vielen Dank dafür :-)

Tolles Liebesspielzeug

I like it, dark gray is perfect.

Tienda erotica

very good! i like the blue one


Danke :)

Mario Janschitz

Wieder mal ein ausgesprochen interessantes Design. Besten Dank dafür.


Super! Genau danach hab ich gesucht... Ich hab zwar viele andere Twitter-Icons gefunden aber die sahen noch lange nicht so gut aus wie deine! Dankeschön

Sarah Koch

oh, thank god!


Die Icons sind cool! Ich werde versuchen, ob sie auch zu meiner neuen Golfseite zu nutzen.


Sehr hübsch.


I think it looks really good what you have done. Just off topic for a while.I really like the look of your website as a fellow web designer. Clean uncluttered and very professional.

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Looks sharp, I wonder how you created it, with photoshop or fireworks probably. Man I wish I had those skills to created beautiful graphics like that. Just incredible looking!


Der Button ist hüsch! Ich will mich auch bei Twitter anmelden, da ist ein cooler Button ein Blickfang. Vielen Dank!


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