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The Grid for iOS 7

September 17, 2013

Here is a set of wallpapers, unapologetically designed for iOS 7 ;) Grab them now for your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The Grid for iOS and Mac
Since iOS 7 doesn’t allow pixel perfect aligned wallpapers (because of the new parallax effect), this new wallpaper is mainly about colors — the subtle grid in the background complements the colors and adds to the elegant look.
Grab ‘em now for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Enjoy :)

The Shelf Wallpaper for iPhone 5

September 24, 2012

After updating my grid wallpaper for the new display of the iPhone 5, I'm glad to announce that an updated version of the Shelf wallpaper is now also available. However it's not just a larger version of the same old wallpaper… I also included three new flavors: washed out, dark and light. Hope you enjoy.

Download Shelf wallpaper
Btw you can find the original Shelf wallpaper right here.

Grid Wallpaper for iPhone 5

September 22, 2012

Hey guys. I just updated my popular grid wallpaper for your brand new iPhone 5. Make sure you grab it while it's hot :)

Download Grid wallpaper for iPhone 5

ColorStreak Wallpaper

October 09, 2011

This wallpaper is dedicated to Steve Jobs, one of the most inspiring persons I've ever known. Without him I would not be where I am right now. Thank you! In this spirit: Stay hungry, stay foolish and enjoy this new wallpaper.

Download ColorStreak Wallpaper
As always the wallpaper is available in hires to fit your beloved 27” displays. Enjoy!

Flow 2 Wallpaper

July 06, 2011

Here is the latest member of the "flow" wallpaper family. Simple. Colorful. Easy on the eyes. Hires, so it looks beautiful on your 27" or 30" displays. Enjoy!

Download Flow 2 Wallpaper

You can either grab the clean Version or the official Bartelme Design version. Enjoy!

Shelf iPhone Wallpaper

Yeah I know, there are already plenty of shelf wallpapers out there… and most of them are really good. However I'm kinda peculiar when it comes to wallpapers and exclusively use my own ones :) I liked how it turned out and thought you may enjoy it as well. So here you go…

Download shelf wallpaper set for iPhone

The set contains two variants: a saturated and a muted one. Each of which is of course optimized for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Download Shelf Wallpaper Set


You can find an updated version for the iPhone 5 right here.

Bokeh Wallpaper Devkit

November 06, 2010

Now with the cold time of the year approaching, I thought I needed something to cheer me up. And what's better than creating something you would basically look at at least a bunch of hours a day. So say hello to the "Bokeh" Wallpaper Devkit.

Those of you following me on flickr might already know that I’m a huge fan of photos with a very shallow depth of field. In my opinion those smooth, almost gradient like areas are really relaxing and visually pleasing… actually perfect for a wallpaper.

Download Bokeh Wallpaper

Once again I set this up as a Devkit, so you can put in your own logo. Feel free not only to download the official wallpaper, but also to grab the PSD and create your own piece of art. Btw the wallpapers are of course ready for your 27” displays and the package even includes some variants for your iPad as a bonus. Have fun :)

Romanian translation

The Grid iPhone Wallpaper

June 25, 2010

Now with everybody posting grid style wallpapers for the newly released iOS 4, I thought I should do some official Bartelme Design grid wallpapers :) The wallpapers come in a couple of different colors and are of course ready for the retina display. Go grab 'em!

Download the Grid Wallpaper for iOS 4


All wallpapers have been updated for the new gorgeous screen of the iPhone 5!

Sunset Wallpaper

I'm glad to announce another wallpaper I've been working on for quite some time. Now I think it's ready to be released. Enjoy "Sunset", an abstract wallpaper full of atmosphere :)

Download the Sunset wallpaper

Once again the wallpaper is available in 2560x1600px, so it should even look great on your 30” displays. Download and enjoy!

Colorsplash Wallpaper

February 15, 2009

Those of you following me on Twitter or Flickr might have already seen a preview of "Colorsplash". Now it's available as a free download. Happy Valentines Day and enjoy your new wallpaper!

Colorsplash comes in two slightly different variants. Enjoy.

Download Colorsplash Wallpaper Set

Flux iPhone Wallpaper

January 10, 2009

I recently played around in Photoshop and came up with a combination of colors and shapes I really liked. So here is the brand new "Flux" wallpaper set for your iPhone and iPod touch. Enjoy!

The package contains three different flavors of the wallpaper. However feel free to recolor them to your heart’s content.

Download Flux Wallpaper Set for iPhone and iPod touch

ColorFlow 2 Wallpaper

December 24, 2008

What's better than celebrating Christmas? Well, celebrating Christmas with a brand new, high resolution wallpaper. So grab "ColorFlow 2" while it's hot. Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays!

Download ColorFlow 2 Wallpaper Set

ColorFlow 2 comes in 4 slightly different flavors, each of which available in 2560x1600px. Download

Dashball Wallpaper

In just a couple of days Dashball will hit the App Store. Today you can already download the official wallpaper set: It contains a high resolution wallpaper for your desktop as well as smaller one for your iPhone or iPod touch. Grab ’em while they're hot :)

Download Dashball Wallpaper Set

I thought it might be nice to release the official wallpaper set a couple of days before Dashball - the smashing breakout puzzle game for your iPhone and iPod touch - will be available at the App Store. Enjoy :)


I just added a plain version of the desktop version… without the Dashball logo. In case you’ve already downloaded the package, make sure you grab the new one :)

Colorflow Wallpaper

I think it's time for some new colors... time to spice up your desktop. So I'm glad to announce "Colorflow": 14 simple, non-distracting desktops playing with color and different shading. I hope you enjoy.

Download Colorflow Wallpaper Set

And just in case you can’t decide which variant to choose, you might consider changing the image every 5 minutes or so. In Mac OS you just have to check the “Change picture every…” checkbox in the “Desktop & Screensaver” preference pane to make them fade into each other every x minutes (looks awesome). I’m convinced there are similiar ways to achieve this effect in any other operating system. So in this sense… enjoy :)

Flow Wallpaper

It's time for some fresh, dynamic colors for your desktop. So check out my brand new wallpaper "Flow", inspired by the default PS3 background as well as by the icons of Adobe's Creative Suite: To be precise, by the icons of Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator.


“Flow” comes in two variants: a single display one with a resolution of 2560x1600px and a dual screen one with a resolution of 2x1920x1200px. Hope you enjoy :)

Download Flow Wallpaper


By the way those of you, who have already upgraded to Leopard and don’t like the semitransparent menu bar or the new Dock, might particularly be interested in this one: Because of the black background at the very top and bottom you have a more or less opaque looking menu bar and the highest possible contrast for the dock. Thus you can easily spot which apps are currently running and which not.


I just added a bunch of iPhone/iPod touch compatible variants to the package. Enjoy :)

Solid Wood: Wallpaper

Those of you following my Flickr stream might already know that I was working on a new wallpaper set called "Solid Wood". And guess what… once again it's not just a set of wallpapers, but a complete devkit :P

Download Solid Wood Wallpaper Devkit


So make sure you download the devkit, customize it and illuminate your desktop. Btw you might argue that the menu bar of Mac OS covers parts of the lights… well that was actually the intention ;)

So if you resize the wallpaper in Photoshop, make sure that you use “canvas size” rather than “image size”. Otherwise the lights would also be resized and thus may be covered completely by the menu bar… which won’t look that good.

Canvas size Settings in Photoshop

Official BD Wallpaper

Btw if you’re just interested in the official Bartelme Design wallpaper, you may download it right here. Enjoy.

Deep Blue Wallpaper

Due to popular request I did a wallpaper using the bubbles appearing on the start page and in the comment section on this site. But instead of just publishing the wallpaper, I thought it would be nice to once again turn it into a wallpaper devkit so you can customize it.

So feel free to play around, reposition the bubbles, remove the gras or add new items to the wallpaper. Would be nice if you shared your artwork with us. And by the way, this devkit also supports dual screen setups - for those of you using two displays or a giant 30” Apple Cinema Display.

Download the Deep Blue Wallpaper Devkit

So don’t be surprised that the package is about 35MB in size :) If you’re interested in the offical Bartelme Design Deep Blue Wallpaper you can grab your copy right here. Enjoy.

Wallpaper Devkit 3

Those of you following my Twitter stream already know that I recently did a wallpaper for Hyperwave. Now I thought it would be nice to release it as another "wallpaper devkit". So grab it while it's hot.

The devkit once again contains a Photoshop template with a placeholder for your company’s logo or tagline or anything else that keeps you motivated. So download, customize, enjoy and probably share your artwork with others by posting it to Flickr or your weblog. Happy customizing.

Download the thrid incarnation of Bartelme's Wallpaper Development Kit

By the way those of you interested in the offical Bartelme Design wallpaper: grab your copy here.

Wallpaper Devkit 2

I guess most of you still remember my first Wallpaper Development Kit published back in May. Now, more or less half a year later, I thought it was time to update my wallpaper as well as the Wallpaper Devkit.

The second incarnation of the devkit once again contains a Photoshop file with a placeholder, so that you can insert your own logo, a certain slogan or anything else that keeps you motivated. So if you think it’s time for some sort of “autumn cleaning” on your desktop make sure that you grab the template as long as it’s hot. Would be nice if you could share your versions with the rest of us by either providing a link or posting it on Flickr using the tag wpdevkit.

Download Wallpaper Devkit 2

Wallpaper Devkit

Today I played around in Photoshop and finally I ended up with a wallpaper I kinda liked. Basically it’s a very simple one — inspired by early Windows Vista wallpapers — with my new logo in the center.

Since I guess that you don’t wanna use the wallpaper with my logo I thought it would be a good idea to upload the Photoshop file so that you may adapt it to your needs. The template has a resolution of 2560x1600px so it might take a while to download. Have fun.

Download Wallpaper Development Kit

Just in case that you still want to use my variant you may download it by clicking the picture below :)

Download Official Bartelme Design Wallpaper

Creating organic desktops

The following tutorial shows how to create organic desktops using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Before we start let’s have a look on the outcome of this tutorial: A clean and organic desktop, similar to the latest release of the “Blue Crystal” desktop collection.

Most of the people think that these desktops can only be created in 3D rendering applications such as 3D-Studio or Cinema 4D. Well I will show you how to create such a desktop using Adobe Illustrator’s gradient mesh tool.


In a first step we draw a rectangle in the intended size — probably about 2560x1600px so that it can also be used on Apple’s 30” Cinema Display. Use Illustrator’s “Transform” panel in order to control the exact size of the rectangle.

A rectangle drawn in Illustrator

Afterwards we fill the rectangle with the intended color. In this case I’ve chosen a generic blue, as it is used in the Blue Crystal collection. In a next step we select the rectangle, select the gradient mesh tool from the tool panel on the left and add a single point (anchor) by clicking the left mouse button.

The first point is created using the gradient mesh tool

In a next step we create two further anchors and assign them slightly different colors using the eyedropper tool.

Two additional point are created

Now we can select all three anchors via the lasso tool and move the selection in the intended direction.

The three point are moved down

Now that we have created the basic shape we can either optimze it or add additional forms until we get the intended result.

Fine tuned version

In order to get the 3D style we have to select the bottom anchor via the direct selection tool (1) and drag its bottom handle (2) to the top.

The selected handle

The result should look similar to the screen below. At this point we have finished the work in Illustrator — let’s move on to Photoshop…

The final version


Now we can copy the artwork to Photoshop. Duplicate the layer and set the blending mode of the new layer to “Overlay”. Now select the “High Pass” filter from the “Filter” menu, choose a radius of about 10px and confirm. After the filter has been applied you may set the layer’s opacity to about 70% if the High Pass effect should be too intense.

Fine tuned version

If you are using a TFT display you may recognize that the gradients of our desktop are not that smooth. The reason for this effect is that TFTs normally can display less colors than CRT monitors. In order to optimize our desktop for TFT we have to add some grain.

Fine tuned version

In order to achieve this effect we create an additional layer, fill it with black color using the paint bucket tool and apply the grain filter, that can be found under “Filter/Texture/Grain”. Afterwards we desaturate the layer (Image/Adjustment/Desaturate), set its blending mode to “Overlay” and once again reduce its opacity to about 5 or 10%. You will recognize that the gradients are now much smoother.

The final desktop

Blue Crystal 7 Desktops

In the last months I got a bunch of emails from people, asking me when the next release of the Blue Crystal desktop collection will be released. Well I am proud to announce that the 7th edition is now available for download.

The 7th edition of the blue crystal desktop collection is inspired by the amazing default desktops included in Apple’s Mac OS 10.4 Tiger and contains three high resolution (2560x1600) desktops — Aqua, Aqua light and Graphit. The whole package can be downloaded in the showroom of Bartelme Design.

Download Blue Crystal 7


Because of the high resolution of the desktops, the ZIP file is quite big — about 4MB. If you want to take a look at the desktops first, check out this preview. As always I am looking forward to getting feedback from you guys, in order to make sure that also the 8th edition meets your expectations.

Wallpaper: G5 inspired

July 03, 2004

Nach der Vielzahl an neuen Produkten, die Apple in den letzten Wochen und Monaten veröffentlicht hat, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen ein neues Wallpaper zu erstellen. Die Inspiration — der PowerMac G5.

Offen gesagt bin ich ständig auf der Suche nach neuen, interessanten Wallpapers — dabei gilt meine Vorliebe vor allem jenen, welche durch ihre Einfachheit und Eleganz hervorstechen. All zu oft stoße ich auf Wallpapers, welche grafisch äußerst beeindruckend, jedoch für meine Begriffe nicht als Bildschirmhintergrund geeignet sind. Der Grund dafür — zu viele Details, zu busy, zu bunt.

Download G5 inspired

Aus diesem Anlass heraus ist die Wallpaper Collection „G5 inspired“ entstanden. Die Collection beinhaltet zwei, vom PowerMac G5 inspirierte Wallpapers, und kann ab sofort hier herunter geladen werden. Jene unter euch, welche dieses Set als zu nüchtern empfinden, sollten bei der Blue Crystal Collection vorbei schauen.